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Smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution Process

Respected President of India, Think Twice Before Annihilating DHFL FD, NCD & Share-Holders
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22. April 2021

Dear Friends,
The “Once In A Blue Moon Society” (waiting for final registration. It is obstructed due to ongoing West Bengal Assembly Election) is working well with the help of a private detective agency. They have found too many anomalies in this very scam. I have already posted above the possible collusion among the gang of Dawood, Mirchi, DHFL and our beloved ruling party, allegedly involved in this case.

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All these will help us to file different cases against too many respondents–all are dignitaries.

Please view the shared link here to know few glimpses of the narrative of the DHFL-COC scam.

History shows us that plutocracy cannot be survived for long.

Best regards,

Smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution Process

Smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution Process: a letter to the President of India

To The Honourable President, Republic of India, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi- 110004 Sub: Some opaque facts and questions related to the DHFL scam and the role of the DHFL-COC members&nb…

Once in a Blue Moon


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