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Only two weeks left!

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8. Dezember 2020

“Amazing beyond words.”

“Incredible… I think my perspective of the world changed forever. This is exactly why I supported you.”

BIG LOVE to the 600+ people who have already supported our 2019 fundraising campaign.

There are now only two weeks left, and we’re now giving away:

Spenden für die Petition

> The special sneak-peek at the ‘Sisters for Sale’ book (including the documentary!) for only $11, and

> The gorgeous soundtrack (including both the book and documentary) for just $22!

Anyone who contributes a second time will receive exclusive accces to Episode Zero of the ‘Sisters for Sale’ podcast by the BBC’s Claire Harris.

In just two weeks, access to the book, documentary and podcast will be shut down, and we can’t say when or how they will be made available again, so don’t miss out!

You can support our ongoing fight against human trafficking right now at – THANK YOU!


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