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Fixture S1 Case!

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8. Dezember 2020

Fixture S1 Case!

We have received many questions about a case since we first launched our Fixture S1 campaign last year. We’re excited to announce that the case is in production, and it is available for Pre-Order!

About the Case

When designing the Fixture S1 Case, the goal was to make the Pro Controller truly portable. It’s fairly obvious that the Pro Controller wasn’t initially designed to be portable. Even a single button press turns the Pro Controller on – and then the Switch wakes up as well! This unfortunately often leads to a drained battery. To make sure your charge is never wasted, the S1 Case includes a slot that fits the Switch-Pro Controller-Fixture S1 assembly perfectly, preventing accidental button pressing. The design also includes nooks for the charging cable and 10 game card slots. The compact design is easy to carry with a comfortable rubber handle.

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Cyber Monday Deal!

Don’t miss out on the Fixture S1 Cyber Monday discount! If you are looking for a great and unique present to get a fellow Switch-lover, order today!

International Customers

Shipping Internationally has been challenging this year due to the pandemic. If you are looking to pre-order the S1 Case and will need shipping outside the US, please reach out to us by email at [email protected] Let us know your country and we will send you shipping options for the case.


Austin Stark


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